Fourth Industrial Revolution Brings Major Cybersecurity Challenges

Posted Date 06/07/18

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What many call the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already under way but it comes with some major challenges, chief among them cybersecurity. Cyberthreats are growing in number and severity and for now, the business world is lagging behind cybercriminals.


The Internet of Things is the stage in that revolution that will bring cyberthreats to a whole new level and the Asia Pacific will be among the locations in the sights of cybercriminals. Nokia’s senior vice president for Asia Pacific and Japan, Sandeep Girotra, says in a recent analysis for Security Asia that currently cybercrime is moving from PC to mobile devices and the IoT and the risks will continue to grow.


Mobile network attacks, he says, have increased by as much as 63%, and more than half of these attacks are very serious. The risks range from device loss to personal data loss and interruption of critical operations. These are serious enough considerations to merit more thought on the part of managers and executives.


With more and more data stored in the cloud, data protection is no longer just in the hands of the owners of this data: companies now use the services of professionals to manage their cloud operations. Nokia, according to Girotra, uses an approach based on four principles: the right assessment, the right solution, the right software, and the right monitoring.


The company sees businesses as large buildings with white and black windows. The black windows are the problems that need to be fixed with a new glass panel or a new frame. The new window or frame is the right solutions and finding the black windows among the white ones is the right assessment. This is a complex task because the windows of this building do not stay in the same place—they constantly move. This is the place of the right monitoring, keeping track of how vulnerabilities in a company’s system change and securing them before an attack.




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