Fujitsu Targets IoT Security with Network Control Tech

Posted Date 06/07/18

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Fujitsu laboratories has developed a new network control technology aiming to ensure the security of devices connected to the Internet of Things as growing connectivity leads to growing cybersecurity risks. The company says that the system works by analyzing operating information that collects in gateways and manages to interconnectivity of the connected devices.


It can detect a device that is acting in a suspicious way and block its communication with other devices in case it has been infected with malware and tries to attack other devices. The system can detect the unusual communication by comparing usual communication routes through the gateways with the actual ones and identify the unusual ones.


The focus on the Internet of Things is very timely on the part of Fujitsu Labs: for cybercriminals the booming adoption of sensors and connected pieces of equipment is a guarantee for a field day as cybersecurity efforts invariably lag behind criminal activity in the area, or at least they have lagged behind it historically.


This could change as more cybersecurity services providers prioritize the IoT, as Fujitsu is doing. The company was quoted by Security Brief Asia as explaining the danger as follows: “In many cases, however, IoT devices do not support antivirus software due to CPU, memory, or OS restrictions, and even if antivirus software is deployed, often software updates that require the device to be rebooted are not executed as the IoT device cannot be stopped while in operation. Due to these factors, the current situation is that many IoT devices are operating with insufficient security measures.”


Since cybercriminals don’t necessarily use gateways to carry out their attacks, Fujitsu Labs has approached the problem from a topological perspective: their system uses operating information from gateways to create map of the network, which it then monitors and manages in case a device starts to act weird.


The company said it will make the technology available to commercial users later this year and continue to work on it. It will be available for the company’s Fujitsu Network Virtuora products.





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