Cybersecurity Needs New Approach

Posted Date 05/23/18

Cybersecurity has recently been getting a multitude of headline space and will continue getting even more in the future as threats multiply and intensify, a topic which cyber experts seem to be in complete agreement about. Though, one disagreement they seem to have is the correct approach to cybersecurity. While many believe the current approach is substantial enough, others are challenging this view, believing cybersecurity needs a newly-improved, holistic approach.


dan woods

In a Forbes article, tech expert Dan Woods compared the current approach to Western medicine, juxtaposing it to a more holistic Eastern approach that would focus on enabling a business to tackle cyber threats on its own instead of making it reliant on symptom-treating tools and systems.


Drawing insight gained during a recent industry event, RSA 2018, Woods illustrates the difference in approaches with anti-virus systems and their emerging alternatives. Anti-virus system’s following principles work similar to those of Western medicine: you get a disease, you treat the symptoms and hope the root cause goes away. Alternatives to this approach focus on minimizing the risk of getting the disease by enhancing the body’s natural disease-fighting potential.


In cybersecurity, one way of applying this principle is by preventing a virus from ever entering the computer infrastructure in the first place, by, for example, running a browser on a remote server, which is where the virus would go, never reaching the core infrastructure.

Another illustration of the holistic approach is the password-free authentication system developed by a cybersecurity provider. When a user wants to gain access to an application from a device, the device contacts the application and that generates a user notification. This notification is sent to the user’s phone and by responding, they get access to the application.


This, Woods says, is only the beginning and we are going to see more and more of these solutions that seek to enable a company to tackle its cyber risks more effectively.





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