Print Management: The Quiet Innovation

Posted Date 04/18/17

Information technology advancement are all the rage, which makes perfect sense in a world increasingly reliant on digital. Yet attention goes predominantly to things like cloud computing, Software-as-a-service, other things as a service, and the Internet of Things, while another important aspect of the overall innovation drive tends to get neglected.

This is print management: the innovation that is helping enterprises cut their costs, boost the efficiency of their operations and even improve their cybersecurity levels. In fact, managed print services are becoming so popular that there is veritable demand for more innovation in this department, to facilitate the work of all departments in a company, not just the users of the services.

For example, IT departments could free up more of their time to work on other issues if a service provider supplies a solution allowing employees to use the company printers from a remote location, without the need for the IT department to take part in this process.

In addition to workflow efficiency, there is the bigger issue of cybersecurity. Again, printers are being neglected when it comes to security, despite the fact that they can be particularly vulnerable to attacks. With the evolution of the Internet of Things, this vulnerability will only increase as more and more devices get connected, so things like a reliable authentication process will become vital and managed print service providers are already developing them as part of their offering.

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