Nubeprint launches the new version of its popular ZERO

Posted Date 02/13/16

Nubeprint, the leader in Business Process Automation in the Managed Print Services industry, launches its new version of Nubeprint ZERO V3. This major release delivers two main advantages: an intuitive and fully customizable Dashboard and an Intelligent DCA. The Dashboard is fully customizable per system user, including the End User, who can control and manage its fleet from any mobile device. The Intelligent DCA is fully compliant with all the security & compliance directives (it does not require to open additional ports other than port 80), it is auditable and fully configurable (at the customer site or at your own office) and it does not require any additional software (Java, .Net, ISS, SQL Server, and Administrator) to run it. The migration of current Nubeprint customers from ZERO V2 to ZERO V3 is executed automatically & remotely, in minutes, without any customer intervention and/or training.

About Nubeprint

Nubeprint, recently recognized by CIOReview as one of the 20th most promising 2015 Business Process Management provider, is the leader in incorporating Artificial Intelligence to manage output devices. Nubeprint´s adoption of Yield and Lean management methodologies allows MPS players to automate its service in a remote and proactive way, with the highest accuracy level in the MPS Industry. This accuracy leads to having a very tight control of the supplies process of when and what supplies and parts will be needed and for what device. This automation results in an immediate positive impact on the profitability of the MPS provider. The ROI of moving to Nubeprint is achieved as quickly as the deployment is made, boosting the profit of existing MPS businesses. Nubeprint designs its algorithms and BPM minimizing the environmental impact of printers and copiers (

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