Pantum to Build Household Name in Printing Industry:HUAWEI

Huawei and Pantum: one is a giant in telecom, the other is a pioneer in the laser printing. These two do not seem to be related, however, they are both innovative compa-

nies, upholding the same principle of fiercely focusing on inno- vative technology, IP, quality products and brand development. Two different companies but with the same strategic vision.

A patriotic burst of passion often ends up with a one-day de- bate and a big decision: Let’s just do it! As Huawei once said, if a product is developed without its original makers, the compa- ny developing it is built on sand, without foundation. This state- ment made Jackson Wang think his company has to have its own brand and patented products. It was now or never.

In 2008, when Jackson Wang was back from a printing in- dustry event, where he saw branded products from Japan, Korea, US, and Europe, but none from China, he became de- termined that he was going to build an original Chinese print- er. There was a tremendous risk in taking on this task, due to the state of the printing market (no free corners) and China’s technology limitations at the time. However, he felt his com- pany had the team and the know-how to get the patents it needed. From that time, Jackson remembers one senior staff member, about to retire, who came forward with a request to be part of the force to develop the first printer that was to be made in China, a national pride and patriotic act that marked the start of this journey.

The birTh of a naTional branded prinTer: panTum

It took one day for Jackson to make a decision and two days to put together a dedicated tech team to start this daunting task. Their printer would break the foreign companies’ dominance of the local market. He set one goal for the team: to build a print- er with its own patented technology. As we all know, patents are a major roadblock to new entrants on the Chinese printer market. But after getting its own hundred patents, Pantum was eligible to receive patent authorization via an exchange deal that allowed them to obtain the core technology. In 2010, af- ter 700 hundred hours non-stop working, day and night, the first Pantum printer was born. Jackson described that day as “the happiest day of my life; the feeling was the same as when you welcome a newborn baby into the world.”

rock The boaT, Then down To The die-hearT fighT To survive

Just like Huawei, when it started growing its market share, Pan- tum faced ferocious competition from OEMs. When Pantum en- tered the market, the OEMs lowered their prices by as much as 30%, aiming to kill the Pantum printer in its infancy.

The fight for continuous growth was on. Huawei has attrib- uted its success to its core technology, and Pantum had the

same idea of winning the battle by building a strong portfo- lio of key technology patents. As of now, Pantum has about 1,000 patents and 10,000 authorized patents that it can apply to its production.

Pantum’s printers focus on end-users’ demand for “fast, small, easy, and cost-efficient”. In 2015, Pantum boasted a 33% market share among government institutions and agencies, in- cluding the police, the army, banks and other financial institu- tions, and social welfare agencies.

looking forward To The fuTure

Huawei did not strike success overnight; the journey was long— ten, even 20 years. Pantum aims to become a top player in its field and it understands this won’t happen quickly. It has al- ready achieved a number three spot on the Chinese market, by continuously innovating its products, and it is on course to build an empire in the printing industry.

Pantum printers now feature single function and multi-func- tion, high speed in two-sided printing, Internet connection and Wi Fi connectivity. These functionalities meet some 80% of cus- tomer needs.

Pantum is actively engaged in developing A3 digital copier and color printers. The first A3 M9000DN digital copier, Pro-series, will be rolled out to the market this year. Like Huawei, there is no secret recipe, every company can duplicate its successes by focusing on its core products, technology, and innovation. The opportunities will always be there for anyone to grasp. Says Wang, “We have marched into success by becoming #3 in China’s marketplace, and we are confident our continuous growth will be even more robust in the future.” 

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