The Top 15 Asian Nations by Facebook Users


By Curt Keller //

A recent comprehensive survey by Social Bakers reveals some surprising facts about the penetration and usage of Facebook among Asian social network enthusiasts. Given that even after the upheaval caused by the Timeline format update Facebook Fan Pages are still one of the most effective social media channels to engage your digital printing technology and consumables customer base, these figures can help guide your online marketing strategy. There are some extremely interesting statistics to be found on this list. While 12 nations increased in Facebook usage,with South Korea leading the pack with a stunning 60.7% in just the last three months, Vietnam, Singapore, and Bangladesh actually lost users. Bangladesh does lead the group in percentage of male users with a mere 23% being female, in sharp contrast to New Zealand’s 55% female Facebookers. The rabbit traveling along the demographic snake is most evident in Vietnam where an incredible 72% of Facebook users are under the age of 25, compared with just 23% in Japan where more than 38% is 35 or older! The percentage by total population is also somewhat unexpected, as in the case of Singapore where more than 55% of the total population has a Facebook account, compared with just 1.6% in Bangladesh.

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