Making “CMYK” Spell “Green”


By Ronelle Ingram //

Thinking back to the origin of the remanufacturing of office equipment supplies, people had an inherent aversion to throwing away this large, seemingly complicated container just because a few ounces of toner or ink had been used up. Some saw it was the same concept as throwing away a 19¢ BIC ball point pen when the ink was gone. Others used the analogy of sending our car to the junk yard when it ran out of gas or needed oil change.

The practical truth seems to lie somewhere in between the pen and the car examples. In the 1970’s the term “wasteful” was used more than “ecological” when dealing with the practicality of reusing empty ink and toner cartridges. Since the first years of the “drill and fill” era of reusing empty holders of office equipment supplies, the earth’s human population has doubled (expanding from 3.5 billion to over 7 billion people). Global warming and the finite availability of petroleum within the earth’s crust have made ecological awareness and the limitation of the earth’s natural resources a genuine global concern.

So here we are a quintessential example of an industry that is helping to create the earth’s sustainability every day. Yet many of us have forgotten the importance of improving our Green manufacturing and marketing techniques. The old adage “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” is not being maximized by many of today’s supplies manufacturers. I have selected a group of manufacturers, distributors and resellers that have recently caught my attention as offering excellent Green advertising on their webpage or in printed material they offer.

Each entity of the process that creates, packages, sells, delivers, installs, uses, collects and recycles office equipment supplies and parts should actively publicize their contribution to the overall effect of delivering an ecologically sensitive product to the end user.

I am making no judgment as to the quality or value of the following products being advertised. I am acknowledging the marketing and advertising skills that are spreading their concern and explaining the actions being
taken to maximize their awareness and commitment to creating products that are Green.

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