Proto Labs Praises HP’s MJF

Posted Date 08/16/17

HP’s 3D printer made quite a splash when it was showcased officially but so far this splash seemed to be confined to media headlines. Now, a Proto Labs engineer has spoken up about the advantages of the multi jet fusion machine, as the company was one of the first adopters of HP’s latest baby.

According to Eric Utley who spoke to MachineDesign, HP’s 3D printer offers some pretty useful things such as multi-color printing in layers. As the item—a gear in this case—wears down, the colors change, so technicians know when it’s time to replace the part. This is supereasy as the HP machine prints the barcode straight on the part, so all you need to do is scan it and order a replacement.

Utley also told the website that the hype around 3D printing is settling down now and actual applications are taking the spotlight. According to him, we have yet to see all that 3D printers can do, which is bound to happen in the near future, accelerating the industry’s progress further.

HP’s MJF printer has a special place in the array of 3D printers, offering a combination of high speed, more isotropic material properties, and lower printing costs than comparable powder-using printers.

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