HP Joins Forces with Deloitte to Expand 3D printing Adoption

Posted Date 08/29/17

HP and Deloitte have struck a partnership deal that will see the consultancy help HP implement its multi jet fusion 3D printing technology in industrial production. The heads of the two companies said at the joint announcement that their partnership will help make 3D printing more widely adopted and push it to the inflection point when it can become a mainstream technology.


The technology will enable users to speed up product design development, boost production of various items, and make supply chains more flexible and production lifecycles optimized. HP’s chief executive Dion Weisler noted that the $12-trillionmanufacturing industry is undergoing the most radical transformation in the business world right now and that’s in part thanks to 3D printing. The purpose now is to make it the cheaper, better alternative to injection molding.


Deloitte’s head, Punit Renjen, focused on the growing prominence of customization in every product or service available and the way 3D printing can enable this customization, enhancing producers’ competitiveness and responding better to customer preferences.



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