Five Tech Trends for 2017

Posted Date 01/19/17

2017 will no doubt be at least as fascinating in terms of disruptive technologies as 2016 has been, with fresh innovations driving the digital revolution further on.

Smart machines, that is, machines capable of interacting with people thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, are likely to appear on the mainstream scene. These machines will no doubt transform the way enterprises operate, from corporate culture to decision-making procedures.

The shift to mobile devices will continue, with the notion of a physical office becoming increasingly obsolete. Mobile devices now allow everyone to work regardless of location, thanks to virtual workspace software that provides seamless experience from any part of the world.

Wearables are likely to become even more popular, notably as a means of talent retention. Enterprises adopting wearable devices for scheduling, communication, and payments, among others, will benefit from the new advancements in functionality and sophistication in these devices.

This year may also very well see the so-called democratization of data. Analytics are almost everywhere and they will expand their reach further but the data they process will now become available to bigger parts of the enterprise in a bid to maximize the insights gathered from them and put the to good use. AI and analytics will be integrated into work teams.

Digital will help businesses deliver products and services in new ways, yet to be devised. Agile will rule, along with analytics, ensuring that processes are scalable and secure, and empowering workers and customers.

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