World’s Largest Metal 3D Printer uses Blunt Force

Posted Date 05/23/18

An Australian startup has built what they claim to be the largest metal 3D printer in the world. Besides the size, a highly notable feature of the printer is that it uses an unusual, unique version of 3D printing metal instead of the ordinary process: layering and melting powdered metal in order to fuse the metals together.


Instead of melting the metal particles, the company, Titomic, uses what’s scientifically called kinetic fusion, popularly known as blunt force. Kinetic fusion involves accelerating the metal particles in the powder to a supersonic speed of about a kilometer per second and then spraying them on a scaffold, which is done by a robot.


The main advantage of kinetic fusion over the layer-and-melt approach is that kinetic fusion is faster and allows for the 3D printing of much larger objects. Nonetheless, there are challenges within the kinetic fusion approach as well, which include the quality of the finished product and the need for a scaffold, which other metal 3D printers don’t use.




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