Stratasys on the Right Track

Posted Date 08/16/17

Stratasys reported an operating loss of $5.1 million for the second quarter of the year last week, down from $17.1 million a year ago in the latest indication that it is moving along the right track by focusing on industrial 3D printing applications after its massive failure with household printers.

In evidence of this, the conference call of the company supplied some valuable comments from its executives. Chief executive Ilan Levin, for example, noted that the F123 Series 3D printers that Stratasys launched in February have so far sold over 1,000 to professionals in rapid prototyping and hold significant potential for the future.

This new line was responsible for the change in Stratasys’ fortunes over the first half of the year, affecting revenues as it is a low-cost product line but with high value. The fact that it was the change in the product mix that weighed on revenues and gross margins is good news for investors. It would have been worse if the reason was a lowering of selling prices across the product mix.

At the same time, Stratasys ventured into 3D printing applications for the aerospace industry – a smart choice in light of a growing number of surveys identifying aerospace as a major growth driver for the 3D printing industry. Even smarter was the offering Stratasys came up with: the Fortus 900mc Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution that would be used to stamp aircraft interior parts at a time when everyone seems to agree that lack of standardization and certification in 3D printing is a big stumbling block along the industry’s way into the mainstream.

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