MIT Helps BMW Create First 3D Printed Inflatables

Posted Date 06/07/18

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Self-Assembly Laboratory and BMW’s design department have managed to 3D print an inflatable material that has air trapped inside. According to a senior BMW executive, the material has a bright future in interior car design. Martina Starke, head of BMW’s brand vision department, said future car interiors will not have to be set—they could be modular, changeable interiors.


The material, dubbed liquid printed pneumatics, is the result of two years of collaboration between MIT and the German carmaker. It is made from silicone, with air controls inside the structure that direct air flows within it, so it can change its shape. The researchers used rapid liquid printing technology as well as some techniques from soft robotics to develop the material.

MIT self assembly lab BMW dezeen 2364 sq



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