ARK Investment Says 3D Printing Will Make Robots Cheaper

Posted Date 08/16/17

ARK Investment has forecast that the production costs for industrial robots are set to fall by as much as 65% by 2025, thanks in part to the application of 3D printing, as well as to progress with machine learning and computer vision. This will in turn spur greater demand for robotic solutions in industries with no previous history of robot use.

Currently, production costs for industrial robots are around $25,000 but by 2025 they will fall to $10,800, the investment management firm’s analysts estimate. This will happen in large part thanks to 3D printing, which will make possible the use of much less and much lighter materials. The amount and weight of materials could fall by 75%, ARK Investment analyst Sam Korus says, without—and this is the main point—affecting the performance of the robot.

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