3D Printing Firm Seeks to Plug Educational Gap

Posted Date 08/29/17

Clients wanting to have an item 3D printed using metal are no rarity for Star Rapid, a China-based 3D printing service provider. What they are unaware of is that an item designed to be produced using CNC machining cannot be 3D printed as simply as that. The problem seems to be a lack of knowledge about design concepts and finished products.


The idea of designing a product for the production process that will be used to make it may sound obvious but it apparently isn’t. So, Star Rapid’s president Gordon Styles has launched a video tutorial service in an attempt to address this problem. The tutorial series targets product designers and engineers who work with 3D metal printing using powders, teaching them about the most common flaws that could appear if an item is printed without consideration for the differences between plastic, say, and metal 3D printing.


Styles has also developed a 3D printing course offering participants more in-depth knowledge about the specifics of different 3D printers and printing systems, which have a bearing on the parameters of printed items.


Star Rapid is not the only company seeking to close the gap of knowledge in 3D printing. Arizona-based Titan Industries also offers clients advice for designers on how to best utilize the capabilities of the Arcam EBM Q20plus metal 3D printers that the company works with – machines that employ a technology called electron beam melting. The technology, like every other metal 3D printing one, has its own advantages and shortcomings that designers need to be aware of when they use it.



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