Court Likely to Acquit Impression Products
The en banc hearing that the Federal Circuit Court has prescripbed in the case of Lexmark ... more

May 2015

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Structural LImitations & Weaknesss of a Consolidated Industry
THE IMPACT OF CONSOLIDATION IN LOCAL MARKETS 1.1 THE ROLE OF MONEY IN THE ECONOMY Why does it matter to small businesses and individuals whether or not industries have consolidated? Before e...more

RechargExpo Turkey 2015
A WINNING FORMULA Here is the key to business success: create a winning formula and build a competitive business model to stand out in the ever more competitive mar- ketplace. Just as Richar...more

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Free Online Registration at Have you ever felt that the speed of your business growth is lagging below your expectations? Have you had the feeling you have outgrown your existing market and saturated sales channels in the mature, developed countries? The competition is fiercer than ever and you need to look for new markets that hold a significant growth potential due to their lower maturity. Wondering where these markets are? RechargExpo Turkey will be your more

We have reached out to many printing professionals in the SEA region.  Dedicated promotional efforts via multiple media channels were made to encourage greater involvement in the RechargExpo at both local and global levels. We are greatly encouraged by the new demographic composition of the crowds, and by the success of our new initiatives in 3D printing. more

Viewed as one of the rising stars in the emerging markets, India holds a large growing potential and in its increasing growth in printing market.  RechargExpo India 2014 was a huge success, and RechargExpo India 2015 will be built upon its success and continues the effort to bring printing consumables industry to explore its large growth potential. more

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  Static Control, the most trusted and reliable name in the industry, is the world leader in aftermarket imaging and recycling technology. Through their global distribution network and landmar...

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